Our culture

Our vision sets a clear direction and highlights what we are aiming to achieve. It brings us together and inspires us.
Our values help us set direction and they guide our decisions, actions, and the way we interact with others. Our values express the ideals we strive to live up to every day and how we would like to be perceived by the world around us.


To be the leading Scandinavian supplier of furniture for storage, industry, offices and schools.


openness engagement precision

We want a culture characterised by openness and inclusion. We encourage each other to get involved and share. We show respect and are predictable.

We are engaged, work together and help make each other the best we can be. We have courage and challenge what is established. Together, we generate enthusiasm and job satisfaction.
We keep our word, are precise and meet deadlines. We are clear, honest and responsible in all of our communications and actions.