Sono Group - the leading Scandinavian supplier of furniture for storage, industry, offices and schools.

Sarpsborg Metall

Sarpsborg Metall is your supplier of wardrobe, archive and storage solutions. A modern and proactive company with over 80 years of experience in the industry. Through proprietary design and production, Sarpsborg Metall offers a very varied and flexible product range with smart details and user-friendly solutions.

Sonesson Inredningar

Sonesson Inredningar is a leading manufacturer of storage cabinets. The company was founded as early as 1909 and for more than 100 years we have equipped schools, sports facilities and other public environments with lockers that have been opened and closed more times than anyone can count.

Sono (Denmark)

Sono Denmark is a comprehensive supplier of workstation equipment, whether it is storage equipment, office furniture, wardrobes, workshop furniture, steel shelving and transport and plastic equipment. Sono is a supplier of what you need in your workplace and we have a mission to make your workplace better.

Sono (Norway)

Welcome to Sono – your preferred supplier of furniture and interiors to make your workplace better. Sono is one of Norways leading project suppliers of office furniture, wardrobe lockers, warehousing and industrial furniture. Our mission is to make your workplace better, with higher efficiency, better functionality and more well-being - for you, your employees and your customers.

Sono (Sweden)

Sono Sweden's vision is that all organizations should prioritize adaptation of their workplaces so that the staff can work efficiently and feel good at work. In order to live up to our vision, we will help to lead this development forward and raise awareness of the profitability in realizing the vision.

Sono Brands

Sono Brands has in recent years taken the step outside the school world and today we are one of Scandinavia's leading groups for development, manufacture and sale of interior design solutions for school, industrial and construction sector, sports and leisure as well as public environment and care. Tranås School furniture with the company of Alnäs Möbelfabrik we supply high quality furniture for end users of all ages.

Sørlie Prosjektinnredninger

Sørlie Prosjektinnredninger AS is Østfold's largest supplier of furniture and furnishings to i.a. offices, meeting rooms, canteens, common areas / social meeting places, schools and nureries.